Secure your vehicle today with GHOST 2 ANTI-THEFT SYSTEMS! Click now to protect your investment with the ultimate theft deterrent. Don’t wait for theft to happen. Act now for peace of mind!




Monty Locksmith’s Ghost 2 anti-theft system offers unparalleled protection for your vehicle against theft and break-ins. Authorized by leading insurance companies including CAA, TD, and more, the Ghost 2 is the ultimate solution for safeguarding your car in Toronto.

Why Choose Monty Locksmith’s Ghost 2?

Proven Effectiveness: Compared to other anti-theft systems,the Ghost 2 has been rigorously tested and proven to be highly effective against various attacks, including relay attacks, carjacking, and emergency starting attacks.

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Automatic Arming: The Ghost 2 automatically arms when you shut down your vehicle, ensuring continuous protection without the need for manual activation.

Protection Against Key Cloning and Hacking: Say goodbye to worries about key cloning, hacking, or key theft. The Ghost 2 utilizes cutting-edge technology to safeguard your vehicle’s security.

Discreet Design: With no key fobs or LED indications, the Ghost 2 remains discreet and hidden from potential thieves, minimizing the risk of detection.

Unique Disarm Sequence: Unlike traditional alarm systems, the Ghost 2 uses the buttons in your vehicle, such as those on the steering wheel, door panels, or center console, to create a unique disarm sequence, similar to a PIN code. This customizable sequence adds an extra layer of security to your vehicle.

Enhanced Security: You can further enhance the security of your vehicle by creating a disarm sequence of up to 20 presses, ensuring maximum protection against unauthorized access.

Monty Locksmith’s Ghost 2 system stands out in today’s market as a smart choice for keeping your car safe in Toronto. Don’t let the increasing incidents of car theft in big cities worry you. With Monty Locksmith’s Ghost 2 system in your car, you’ll have the peace of mind you need to avoid becoming a victim.


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GHOST 2 Anti-Theft Systems: Protect Your Vehicle with Smart Security

Are you concerned about vehicle theft? Looking for a dependable, non-intrusive anti-theft system that won’t harm your vehicle? Look no further than GHOST 2 Anti-Theft Systems. Our state-of-the-art technology offers advanced security for your vehicle, ensuring peace of mind wherever you go.

Key Features and Benefits:

Unlike traditional anti-theft systems, GHOST 2 requires no extra wiring that can be easily detected by thieves. Our system remains hidden until the engine starts, providing an extra layer of security.

GHOST 2 is the smart choice for your vehicle’s security needs. With multiple deactivation options, including a personal tag, smartphone device, or PIN code, you have full control over your vehicle’s safety.

Thieves won’t stand a chance against GHOST 2 . Our system locks the engine and automatic transmission without interfering with car controls or circuits, making it impossible for thieves to bypass.

GHOST 2 anti-theft systems are safe for the engine, and the car warranty remains fully effective. Enjoy enhanced security without any concerns about warranty coverage.

In case of a violent theft, GHOST’s anti-hi-jack mode ensures safe immobilization of the vehicle engine, protecting you and your vehicle.
Passive Mode: When your vehicle is parked, the GHOST 2 system switches to passive mode, remaining discreet and unnoticed by others.

Unlike other anti-theft systems, GHOST 2 does not require any monthly fees or additional payments. Once installed, enjoy peace of mind without incurring extra costs.

GHOST 2 anti-theft systems are available through authorized dealers and must be installed by manufacturer-approved centers. Our team at Monty’s Locksmith can recommend the best model for your vehicle and technical needs.




Why Choose Monty Locksmith for Ghost2 anti theft System?

Choosing Monty Locksmith for your Ghost2 anti-theft system installation is a decision that prioritizes security, excellence, and customer satisfaction. As a CAA Certified Partner, we stand out in Canada for our expertise in the Ghost2 anti-theft device, offering unbeatable protection against car theft. 

Our highly skilled technicians provide seamless Ghost2 anti-theft installation, ensuring your vehicle is safeguarded with this cutting-edge technology. But why stop at top-tier anti-theft solutions? Monty Locksmith also offers car key replacement and remote car starter installation, making us your all-in-one solution for vehicle security and convenience. 

Don’t just take our word for it; our testimonials speak volumes about our dedication to quality and client trust. With competitive pricing and a simple call to 647-850-7156, you’re taking the first step towards securing your vehicle with the trusted IGLA anti-theft system. Choose Monty Locksmith today and experience the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive vehicle protection.

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