Remote Car Starter in Toronto

Upgrade Your Drive with Expert Remote Car Starter Installation in Toronto

Elevate your driving experience with Monty Locksmith, your trusted CAA Certified Partner for remote car starter solutions in Toronto. Our expert team specializes in seamless remote starter installation, sales, and service, ensuring your vehicle is equipped with cutting-edge technology. Imagine the luxury of starting your car remotely – it’s not just a convenience, but a lifestyle upgrade.

At Monty Locksmith, we prioritize your comfort and security. Our certified technicians are ready to enhance your daily commute, making every drive a pleasure. Whether you’re facing chilly mornings or scorching afternoons, our remote car starters provide the perfect climate before you even step inside.

Call 647-850-7156 now to schedule your upgrade and experience the unparalleled convenience of a remote car starter. Trust Monty Locksmith for professional installation and reliable service. Upgrade your drive today!

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Why Monty's Locksmith​

Cost-Effective and less time consuming than a dealer.

On site client and Mobile Client Services Servicing Toronto, GTA & Hamilton

Family owned and operated.

Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable technicians

Price Match with proof of competitors quote

No Hidden Fees

The Benefits of a Remote Car Starter

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Consult Our Remote Car Starter Specialists

Speak with our Remote Start specialists in Toronto today to explore personalized options that suit your needs. Elevate your driving experience with enhanced comfort and security. Contact us now and unlock the potential of remote technology, ensuring unmatched convenience and safety for your vehicle.

Automotive Specialists

Unlock a world of convenience with Monty’s Locksmith, your trusted choice for remote car starters in Toronto. Elevate your driving experience with our seamless remote starter installations, ensuring your vehicle is ready at the touch of a button. At Monty’s, we specialize in car starter installation, sales, and service, offering unparalleled expertise. Our CAA Certified Partner status speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence.

Why choose Monty’s Locksmith? Our satisfied customers rave about our top-notch service – just check out our testimonials. Experience peace of mind with competitive pricing and a range of services beyond remote car starters, including IGLA Anti-Theft Systemcar key replacement, and ignition repair. When you choose Monty’s, you choose reliability, quality, and a team dedicated to exceeding your expectations.

Don’t settle for ordinary – call 647-850-7156 and make Monty’s Locksmith your go-to for automotive security and convenience.

Client Testimonials

Isabelle Ongjoco
in the last week
Sebastian provided great service when we went to Monty’s Locksmith. Very polite and explained the process clearly. The whole process only took about 45minutes. They provided us with a great discount as well, for 2 keys with fob! I have a secondhand 2008 Subaru Forester and it didn’t come with remote, just one key. It’s been several days since we’ve been to Monty’s. The keys work great and are so much more convenient than opening the car manually every time ⭐️ Definitely recommend for anyone looking to get new key replacements, thanks guys 🙏🏼
a month ago
Alex was the service person who helped me cut and program my key. He went above and beyond in his service and I really appreciated how knowledgeable and talented he is. Inside the store it feels so welcoming as they serve free coffees and teas and little sweets as well as water. They have a clean bathroom and magazines to read while waiting. And as for the price, I’m tight on money as I’m a student so I really called every place and this was the cheapest one I found. It literally felt like going to a dealership. Will certainly be coming back here for all my future car key needs!
Janéa Achioso
in the last week
I had the best experience with Monty Locksmith. They helped me today very organized and sent help right away! Today Alex came to help me and he was amazing very quick and professional amazing person!! Appreciated his service today, these should be your guys in the case of car troubles and they gave me a good price!
Abdul H
in the last week
Alex at Monty's Locksmith is extremely knowledgeable, highly skilled and very friendly. He was able to access and work on my highly technical vehicle (Audi) in no time! He was prompt, punctual and communication was top notch. The prices were extremely reasonable and I will be using Monty's for any/all my locksmith needs going forward. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Dan P
in the last week
Locked my key in my car and called Monty to help me out. They promptly dispatched Isa who was a pleasure to deal with. He was quick and efficient at recovering my keys so that I can get back to work. The pricing is definitely fair and as expected since they were upfront on the initial phone call with no hidden fees. Also appreciate Isa and team for diagnosing my key not being able to remotely unlock doors. They found that I have B1D21 DTC Remote Control Switch code and so the problem is with the car itself and not the key. I would definitely use their services again. Thank you, Dan
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