Motorcycle Key Replacement in Toronto & GTA

Motorcycle Key Replacement with Monty’s 

Did you know that first true motorcycle to be made was by  Gottlieb Daimle in 1885 using an combustion engine.

Now after a century plus we have the Modern Motorcycle, some with a unique immobilizer system and some use an old fashioned Edge cut key or a Tubular key – Monty’s Car Keys provides replacement for most. 

There are a few Methods to replace your Motorcycle keys when all are lost ;


  • Decoding your Ignition Lock with specialized picks correlating to cuts and depths that are available only for motorcycle locksmiths. 
  • If your lost your key, in some other cases disassembly of the housing is required to obtain a key code stamped on the housing or cylinder – using the code in a motorcycle locksmith database will output the key cuts and depths or in other words “shape”.


  • Motorcycle Key Replacement when all are lost
  • Motorcycle Spare keys
  • Motorcycle Keys Programming for some models
  • Popular makes : Ducati, BMW, Aprilla, Harley Davison, Damon, Suzuki, Yamaha, Royal Enfield.

If you lost your Motorcycle key or need a spare, our Mobile Locksmith shop can come to your location anywhere in the Toronto and the GTA area and produce a new key on site! 



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 Here at Monty‘s we provide service also at our shop at 3546 Bathurst St unit 203, Toronto, ON M6A 2C6, Canada 


So if you are looking for a Spare Motorcycle key to be made you can drop your key with us , hassle free process.                                 

       Motorcycle FAQS: 

  • Do all Locksmiths make Motorcycle keys?No, Only certain Automotive Locksmiths take on producing motorcycle keys, here at Monty’s we have designated Equipment, blanks and decoders to be able to produce Motorcycle keys.
  • I lost all my Motorcycle keys is it possible to make one on site? – Yes, Monty’s qualified Motorcycle Locksmiths can come to your location anywhere in Toronto and the GTA to produce a new Motorcycle key
    • Just Purchased a Motorcycle, seller had no keys can you make me one ? – YES ,Monty’s qualified Motorcycle Locksmiths can come to your location anywhere in Toronto and the GTA to produce a new Motorcycle key
  • I disassembled my  motorcycle housing and can see a code, can you cut a key?  YES ,Monty’s qualified Motorcycle Locksmiths can help you at our shop 3546 Bathurst St unit 203, Toronto, ON M6A 2C6, Canada, Monty’s Motorcycle specialist will require a proof of ownership if choose to come into the shop with housing or cylinder for a Motorcycle to produce a key.
  •  Any Questions ? We Will Be Happy To Assist – Give US A  CALL  TODAY – 647-850-7156











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