Maximizing Vehicle Security with IGLA : Insights from Monty’s Locksmith

IGLA anti-theft device for car

Nobody wants their car stolen. Car theft is an increasing issue across Ontario, so protecting your vehicle is critical to ensure your car’s and belongings’ safety. Among the many car anti-theft devices available, the IGLA Anti-Theft System is considered one of the most advanced and least intrusive systems on the market while being highly efficient in preventing thefts.

This blog will look at maximizing vehicle security with the IGLA Anti-Theft System.

What is IGLA? 

IGLA is an innovative and advanced digital anti-theft system that uses a car’s existing steering wheel buttons for the driver to input a password to start the vehicle. The way the system is set up, you may be able to start the engine, but if you don’t enter the correct code, the engine will stall as soon as you put the car into drive, and it will only start once you enter the correct PIN code.

It also offers additional features, such as a carjack mode that can disable the car if someone forces you to start the vehicle with the correct code, adding another level of security. It can also close your windows and sunroof at the press of a button when you lock your car for added protection.

The system is very small and requires no additional wiring; it cannot be cloned, copied or bypassed.  

Why IGLA is a Top Choice for Anti-Theft Immobilization

IGLA anti-theft systems are renowned for their effectiveness. Insurance companies highly recommend them due to their advanced technology and reliability, which has the added benefit of potentially lower insurance premiums.

The Need for Professional Installation of IGLA Systems

Given the complexity of the IGLA system’s integration with a vehicle’s CANBUS wiring, professional installation is essential. Monty’s Locksmith, a CAA-affiliated company with a sterling reputation and over 1200 five-star Google reviews, provides expert IGLA anti theft installation services, ensuring the system is installed securely and discreetly.

IGLA Installation Timeframe

Depending on the vehicle and the complexity of the installation process, the installation of an IGLA device typically ranges from two to 4 hours.

Comparing IGLA to Other Anti-Theft Devices for Cars

IGLA distinguishes itself in the market with its advanced safety features and smart technology, offering superior vehicle security. Compared to other anti-theft systems, IGLA is non-intrusive and highly effective. Add to that that it utilizes the existing wiring and steering wheel buttons, and you have a small but powerful anti-theft device.

IGLA Installation and Vehicle Warranty Concerns

Fitting an IGLA system at Monty’s Locksmith, a respected CAA-affiliated company, does not impact your car’s warranty. The system is also designed to be transferable, providing added value.

Monty’s Locksmith: The Go-To for IGLA Installation

Choose Monty’s Locksmith for professional IGLA installations. Our commitment to excellent customer service and quality workmanship makes us the ideal choice for securing your vehicle.

Scheduling Your IGLA Installation

To enhance your car’s security with IGLA, contact Monty’s Locksmith at 647-850-7156. Our team will help schedule your installation conveniently, ensuring top-quality service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Installing IGLA Involve Cutting Car Wiring?

Installing an IGLA system does not require cutting any car wiring, ensuring a non-invasive and safe integration with your vehicle’s existing systems.

Can Installing IGLA Reduce Insurance Costs and Lead to Incentives?

Yes, installing an IGLA anti-theft device can lead to savings on insurance payments. Some insurance companies offer reduced monthly premiums and may even provide financial incentives for installing such advanced security systems. This can make IGLA a choice for enhanced security and a cost-effective investment.

Understanding the Functionality of IGLA Immobilizers

IGLA uses cutting-edge technology to immobilize your vehicle unless the correct PIN code or an authorized fob/mobile device is used, offering a sophisticated and discreet line of defence against theft.

Monty’s Locksmith: A Leader in Vehicle Security

Entrusting your vehicle’s security to Monty’s Locksmith means choosing a company that is not only a leader in automotive locksmith services but also deeply committed to customer satisfaction, as evidenced by our extensive positive reviews and CAA affiliation.

Monty’s Locksmith, in partnership with CAA, offers you not just a product but a solution to elevate your vehicle’s safety. Don’t miss out on the advantages of an IGLA anti-theft device—make the smart choice today and enjoy the added security in every journey you take. Your car deserves it, and so do you!

Call us today at 647-850-7156 or fill out our convenient online form to get an estimate for your IGLA anti-theft installation.

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