Locate GPS Car Tracker

Locate vs. Tag:
A Comprehensive Comparison

Choosing the right GPS tracking device is crucial for ensuring the security and recoverability of your vehicle. Here’s how our Locate GPS Tracking Device stacks up against the competition, Tag:


  • Locate: Operates in over 130 countries and can function within a sealed container, providing extensive global coverage and superior security in various environments.
  • Tag: Limited to operations in Ontario and Quebec, and cannot function inside a container, restricting its usability and security options.


  • Locate: Discreet and covert, without any visible markings on your vehicle, ensuring that your tracker remains hidden and undetectable to potential thieves.
  • Tag: Features etched glass and “TAG” displayed on both front windows, making it visible and potentially alerting thieves to the presence of the system.


  • Locate: Utilizes advanced SIM, Bluetooth, and WiFi technology, allowing it to work seamlessly in underground garages and areas without cell phone coverage. This ensures continuous tracking and monitoring in various conditions.
  • Tag: Relies on an RF system, which does not work underground, limiting its effectiveness in certain environments and potentially leaving your vehicle vulnerable.

By choosing the Locate GPS Tracking Device from Monty’s Locksmith, you’re opting for a solution with superior global coverage, discreet installation, and advanced technology that ensures your vehicle’s security in diverse conditions.

Secure Your Vehicle with Real-Time GPS Tracking

Introducing the Locate GPS Tracking Device, the ultimate solution for vehicle security and real-time tracking. Exclusively offered by Monty’s Locksmith in Toronto, this device provides peace of mind with advanced features and easy installation.


Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We are proud to partner with leading insurance companies to ensure your vehicle is protected with the Locate GPS Tracking Device. Our device is recognized and approved by top insurers, providing you with additional peace of mind.

Our trusted insurance partners include:

  • TD Insurance
  • Aviva
  • Belairdirect
  • Northbridge
  • Intact
  • Desjardins
  • AHA Insurance
  • Co-operators

By installing the Locate GPS Tracker, you may be eligible for discounts and benefits from these insurance providers. Secure your vehicle and enjoy the advantages of comprehensive insurance coverage.

Key Features

 No Monthly Fees: Enjoy up to 5 years of service without recurring costs.

✅ Long Battery Life: Up to 7-year battery life ensures long-term reliability.

✅ Wi-Fi Capability: Works even in underground parking or storage facilities.

✅ Tamper Alerts: Equipped with a light sensor to detect tampering.

✅ Temperature Sensor: Assists with theft recovery by monitoring temperature changes.

✅ IP67 Weather Resistant: Durable housing protects against all weather conditions.

✅ Companion Software: Manage your device with our web software and mobile app.

Theft Recovery Advantage

✅  Undetectable Installation: Installed covertly, broadcasting no detectable signals. 
 Immediate Response: Our in-house recovery team is ready to assist law enforcement.

✅  Bluetooth Range Finder: Pinpoint the exact location of your vehicle, even within shipping containers.


Success Story

April 2023 Recovery: Law enforcement utilized KYCS Locate to recover a stolen Dodge Ram 1500 and Toyota Highlander from a sealed shipping container. The precise GPS coordinates and range finder app made the recovery swift and efficient.


How It Works

1. Pre-Installation: Dealer pre-loads the complete inventory.

2. Secure Lot Mode: Monitors vehicle movement within secure lots.

3. Theft Recovery Mode: KYCS switches the device into theft-recovery mode upon incident report.

4. Geo-Fence Alerts: Alerts are sent if a vehicle moves out of the designated area.


Installation & Support

Our professional technicians at Monty’s Locksmith provide seamless installation of the Locate GPS Tracking Device. Additionally, our dedicated support team is available for any queries and assistance.


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Destiny's Love
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Honestly I was surprised at the quality and level of customer service. Great price excellent customer service. The young man that came to do the service was so nice. He made me feel comfortable and he was done in less than 15 minutes.
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Secure Your Vehicle with Locate GPS Tracker

Enhance your vehicle's security with the Locate GPS Tracking Device, exclusively available at Monty's Locksmith in Toronto. This state-of-the-art device ensures peace of mind with advanced features like real-time tracking, tamper alerts, and long battery life. Protect your car against theft and unauthorized use with our reliable GPS tracker.

Key Features of Locate GPS Tracker

No Monthly Fees: Benefit from up to 5 years of service without any recurring costs. Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 7 years of battery life for uninterrupted service. Wi-Fi Capability: Operates efficiently even in underground parking or storage facilities. Tamper Alerts: Light sensor to detect and alert you of any tampering. Temperature Sensor: Monitors temperature changes to assist in theft recovery. IP67 Weather Resistant: Robust housing to withstand all weather conditions. Companion Software: Manage your tracker easily with our web and mobile apps.

Theft Recovery Advantage

Our Locate GPS Tracker offers unparalleled theft recovery capabilities: Undetectable Installation: Installed covertly without broadcasting detectable signals, making it virtually undetectable to thieves. Immediate Response: Our in-house recovery team is ready to assist law enforcement with real-time data. Bluetooth Range Finder: Precisely locate your vehicle even within sealed shipping containers using cutting-edge technology. This ensures your vehicle can be recovered quickly and efficiently, no matter where it is hidden.

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