Land Rover Key Replacement in Toronto & GTA

Land Rover Key Replacement

Did you know that the first Land Rover manufactured in 1948 to be used as an agriculture vehicle what was never intended to be long term production resulted in a success.


Modern Range Rover are considered luxury vehicles with a restricted immobilizer that should only be dealt with by professionals.

Here at Monty’s, we have professionals trained to produce keys and fix coding and modules if needed.

Monty’s Locksmith uses the available technology when dealing with delicate systems such as Land Rovers.

A lot of Land Rover Keys involve long wait times from dealers a hefty price tag, Monty’s Locksmith & Car keys carries a large inventory of Land Rover keys; providing solutions for all Lost Keys situation for Land Rovers, with active alarm or adding spare keys.

We cover Toronto and the GTA area, providing services for shops and individuals, including but not limited to:

Land Rover Key Replacement


  • Land Rover Key Duplication
  • Land Rover Key Programming
  • Land Rover Key Fob Replacement
  • Land Rover Ecu Cloning and Repair
  • Land Rover Car Unlocking
  • Land Rover Module Diagnosis
  • Land Rover Adaptations using OEM Software
  • Land Rover Broken Key Extraction
  • Land Rover Door Lock Repair
  • Land Rover Ignition Lock Repair

If you lost your Land Rover key or need a spare, our Mobile Locksmith shop can come to your location anywhere in the Toronto and the GTA area and produce a new key on site!

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 Here at Monty‘s we provide service also at our shop at 3546 Bathurst St unit 203, Toronto, ON M6A 2C6, Canada 

So if you are looking for a Spare Land Rover key to be made you can drop your car with  us , hassle free process.                                 

  *We recommend that you only let professionals handle your Land Rover key replacement* 

   Land Rover FAQS: 

  • I bought a Land Rover key online , can I program it myself? – No, Land Rover keys can only be programmed by a qualified Automotive Locksmith. Monty’s Locksmith & Car Keys Recommend a reliable source for Land Rover  keys, we keep a large inventory and can program customer provided keys but we ONLY guarantee Land Rover Car Keys the Provided by US.
  • My Land Rover key went through the washer or get wet / damaged another way, my car doesn’t recognize the key what should I do ? – First step is to remove the battery from the fob if possible, after removing the battery let the fob dry, bring it in to us and will check if it’s still operable. Saving your fob can save you money when making a spare Land Rover key, with newer Land Rover the key hold information that we need while programming a spare key, if the information is still extractable from the damaged key your cost will be lower.
  • My Land Rover IS LOCKED and I have no keys, my alarm is going off. Can you make a new KEY ? – YES , Monty’s Locksmith & Car Keys specializes in Land Rover Key replacement when all Land Rover keys are lost & the alarm is active we have the training , software & equipment to get you out of a jam.
  • I have been told only the dealer can make me a key is that correct ? -No, Monty’s Locksmith & Car Keys can Produce Land Rover key up 2024 , Monty’s Locksmith & Car Keys specializes in replacement of Land Rover Keys when all keys are lost for a fraction of the price with quicker ETA compared to the Dealer. We can code your new Land Rover key on site.
  • CONTACT Monty’s In Toronto for more assistance
  •  Any Questions ? We Will Be Happy To Assist – Give US A  CALL  TODAY – 647-850-7156

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