Monty’s Locksmith is here to provide you with a COST EFFECTIVE, FAST, and RELIABLE service with WARRANTY. We offer our FREIGHTLINER services in Toronto, GTA, and Hamilton. Our services include:

FREIGHTLINER Key Replacement


Monty’s Locksmith is a Canadian family owned local business who has become a leading name in the industry within Toronto, GTA, and Hamilton. Our team is fully equipped to handle any key related emergencies, large or small. All of our mobile technicians have fabricated workshops in the back of their vehicles so they always come prepared to a job. We offer our mobile service and appointments at our shop location located in North York, ON. If you are looking for a trustworthy, reliable, and highly recommended company, call Monty’s Locksmith at 647-850-7156.

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How It Works:

Step 1

Call us directly on 647-850-7156 to contact our reliable customer representatives. Please tell us what you need and proceed by letting us know of your ’s make, model, and year. Once we process the provided information, you will receive a quick quote over the phone.

Step 2

Schedule a visit at our facility or book our mobile technicians for an at-home visit. We understand that you might not have time to bring the car to us, so we’ll come to you instead! Our technicians will reach your specified location equipped with all the tools needed to laser cut your key, program the fob, fix ignition issues, and everything else to ensure a seamless replacement service. Rest assured, we will follow up to confirm your appointment before its scheduled date.

Step 3

On the appointment date, you must verify your ownership of the vehicle by providing relevant documentation and your driver’s license. Once the verification is complete, our technicians will get right to work on your  Key Replacement so that you can get back to driving the car in less than two hours, max!

Step 4

Once you’re satisfied with the service, we will process your payment via cash, credit, or debit.


  • Monty’s Locksmith provides Freightliner truck MOBILE Key Replacement Services. You do not need to tow your vehicle because we go to your location. But, don’t forget we also offer services at our SHOP LOCATION. We are not strictly a mobile locksmith service unlike other locksmith companies you might find on the web. You can visit our shop and meet our team!
  • SAME DAY SERVICE – We have an extensive inventory of keys and programmers which allows our locksmith technicians to offer quick and efficient services for your Freightliner truck key replacement.
  • We provide a FREE QUOTE so you can make the final decision!
  • Our employees are EXPERIENCED LOCKSMITHS who will provide clear explanations for everything that is being done to your vehicle. We can walk you through the process from beginning to end.
  • We have an EXTENSIVE INVENTORY of keys and programmers which allows our locksmith technicians to offer quick and efficient services for your Freightliner truck key replacement.


  • Your Drivers License, Proof of Insurance, and Registration for your Freightliner truck. At Monty’s Locksmith we will not make you a key without proper documentation.
  • Confirmation on the exact Freightliner truck Model and Year of the vehicle as well as the type of Freightliner truck Key you have (ex. push to start, Fobik, or Turn Key). You can do this by reviewing your insurance, registration, or looking up the information using your VIN number. Your Fiat VIN number is located on the front windshield of your Freightliner truck. For Example: “Hello I have lost my key to my Freightliner cascadia truck 2019. My key is a Turn Key. How much is it and when can I get my Freightliner truck key replacement service?.”
  • The address of your Freightliner truck. If you want to visit our shop for a spare key it is always a great idea to mention that to our dispatch when you are booking an appointment for your Freightliner truck key replacement.
  • Confirm if you have a spare Freightliner truck key and need a Freightliner truck key replacement so you can always have an extra key OR if you lost all your Freightliner truck Keys.
  • If you think you need a new Freightliner truck Ignition switch or Freightliner truck Ignition Lock Cylinder, make sure to check first if maybe it’s just a key problem and you need a new Freightliner truck key. If you are unsure, we can run a Fiat Diagnostic on your vehicle and confirm the exact issue.

Whether you want to replace your lost Freightliner truck key, repair your Freightliner truck lock, Repair or Replace your Freightliner truck ignition or need help with the overall security of your Freightliner truck, Monty’s Locksmith is your go-to place to accomplish everything without a hassle.

FREIGHTLINER Key Replacement
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