What is Rekeying? Re-Keying is the process of replacing old lock pins with new pins. By replacing the lock pins it eliminates the possibility of another key (the old key) operating the locks. The option of Rekeying is less expensive than changing the lock entirely. Unfortunately, this option does not apply to all locks but with our team of experienced locksmiths we will ensure you receive the best for every situation. We strongly suggest rekeying in scenarios such as: employee being fired and still has the office key, you lost your keys with your ID, an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend has a key, etc.

The use of a key to open one or more locks that are keyed differently. Master Keys are commonly used in commercial setups such as: property management setting, office, banks, schools, etc. The security and flexibility of limited or complete access to any doors you want provides a high level of convenience for your employees, business, and maintenance team.

Eviction of commercial tenants happens often, and our team is on call to arrive at the scene and change the locks before the tenant returns. We provide the “Lockout Remedy”. Our commercial lockout services include: Unlocking the door, repair existing locks, freshly installing new locks or rekeying the existing locks, key copy, etc.

Is there a cabinet that is locked which you have lost the keys to? Do you need to secure confidential documents in a cabinet, and you don’t have any keys? Don’t worry we can help. Our Certified technicians can unlock the cabinets and even make you a new key copy or set of keys if you require one.

There are a wide variety of electronic access control systems and high security locks to choose from such as E card readers, biometric fingerprint, retina scanning, Medeco Locks, Mul-T-locks and more. It is critical and essential to get what you need for your business.

There are many types of door activation devices, some of them are the ones you use everyday in malls, building entrances and even restaurants. We are experts when it comes to automatic doors and other activation devices, our experienced technicians are familiar with all industry standards and building requirements to ensure a safe, smooth and functioning applications.


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